from/my/collection: Girard-Perregaux Richeville 2520

Let’s do some more digging into my vault and we have found a little hidden gem from the mid 90s. The Girard-Perregaux Richeville 2520. Rectangular case with stepped bezel and an early model with the first version of the in-house GP Caliber 3000.

rich6aWhile it is a very simple watch, just time and small seconds, it creates a lot of charm with a refreshing rectangular shape and a lovely dial. 3 dial versions were available, no numerals (white or blue), roman numerals (white) and Arabic numerals with lume (black) as well as different case materials from all steel, to steel/gold mix and yellow/pink and white gold versions.

A clear winner for me always was the black dial and steel case. Sized 32x28mm it may sound small, but actually works really well. The dial and the sapphire are flat while the backside is slightly curved and the strap size is 20/16mm.

I’m a great fan of those under-the-radar no-nonsense watches GP produced in the 90s and the rectangular Richeville 2520 is next to the Vintage 45 and Vintage 94 a prime example of the great classic watch designs from that period. In addition, this model would provide a very easy entry into the world of GP, not easy to find but certainly possible and surely not expensive.


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