hands/on/review: Girard-Perregaux Quasar

Stepping into Haute Horlogerie territory with this hands on review, we have a closer look at a very recent novelty from Girard-Perregaux. This year’s SIHH was under the theme “Earth to Sky” and when you look towards the universe, the most luminous and energetic objects known to mankind are called a “quasi-stellar object” or short a Quasar. Some have enormous luminosity up to 1000 times of an entire galaxy.

The Girard-Perregaux Quasar is also all about luminosity. Sporting the known Neo-Tourbillon skeleton movement already known from last year but now put into a fully transparent sapphire case. This watch is all about light in a double meaning. It is very light-weight, even more than the Titanium version from last year and it let’s light in on every angle.


I had a lot of feedback that people are not to keen on the high level of transparency as you can pretty much see your wrist “underneath” the watch and as you can see on my wristshot, my shirt slipped under the watch, which of course is not the way it should be. In my view, there is so much action and delicate detail on the movement, I would not even notice my skin looking through.


It is just consequential to have that transparency in that watch. The movement is the known Neo-Tourbillon movement with the beautifully designed arched neo-bridges. I personally very much like those bridges as they are modern yet very finely finished. They almost provide a stealth look within an otherwise totally translucent watch.


gp_6005996Reference: 99295-43-000-BA6A

Material: sapphire glass Diameter: 46 mm
Height: 15.25 mm

Reference: GP09400-1035 Automatic
Functions: Tourbillon, hours, minutes, small seconds on the tourbillon

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