watches/not/gp: Grönefeld 1941 Principia

Sometimes it is worthwhile to look beyond your normal horizon, so why not consider a well-established Indie brand like Grönefeld. A very good reason for that are not only their watches, but the Grönefeld brothers are just all-round great blokes to hang out with.

Recently introduced, the first automatic movement from Grönefeld comes in a great package, the 1941 Principia. Classic time-only with small seconds and as often with good Indie brands, you can order your very personal watch. You like white gold with salmon dial? Sure, no problem. Or Rose Gold with cream dial. Anytime. The possibilities are countless and even if you still do not find your perfect watch, you can always talk to the brothers and work on your special watch. That is one of the key benefits when going Indie.

The Principia Automatic is not only the first automatic movement from Grönefeld, but also one that is much simpler than the Tourbillon or Constant Escapement movements and as such brings this Indie brand into a more affordable price category. Aiming at the connoisseur who wants something not out of a production line but yet cannot or does not want to go all the way into high-price haute horlogery territory, the Principia offers a great entry into the world of Grönefeld.

grpa4The movement is made of 226 parts with a solid gold rotor and is equally well decorated like its more expensive siblings. It is 32 mm across and only 5.5mm thick with a 56 hour power reserve. When you turn the watch over, it is a pleasure to admire the finishing and the design of the movement.

grpa2I have tried on a few variants, including the Steel case, salmon dial. A version that is quite fashionable right now, but I would personally go for the more classic rose gold with cream dial. The turquoise dial is also very appealing but probably not everyone’s taste.

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