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quick/peek: Rolex Explorer II, 16570, a.k.a Red S.O.X.

Summer is coming and the Rolex Explorer Red S.O.X. is one of those summer watches that is hard to take off again. As we divert a bit away from Girard-Perregaux, there are a few hidden secrets in my collection.

The Rolex Explorer II is one of them. The white dial and the sports case and bracelet makes it perfect for summer. Alternatively, also great on a distressed NATO strap.

Red S.O.X.???

Well, as often with Rolex, there are small difference between the years of a model and the Explorer II is no difference.

Red: red GMT hand as found in the 16570 and 16550

S.O.: Swiss Only dial putting it into around 1998/99 when there was the transition from Tritium (SWISS T<25) to Superluminova (SWISS MADE), the “SWISS” can be only found on the period when Luminova was used.

So there you have it, the Red Swiss Only eXplorer, a.k.a the Red S.O.X.

It’s all in the details.