anything/else: the longest running UK House and Dance Music station, Point Blank FM

Music is (almost) as important as watches in my life. And as with watches, where I’m lacking any talent of being a watchmaker, I likewise have no talent being a musician.

PB Studio in Central London

However, I love listen to music, one of the first things in the morning when I wake up, turn on the music and then throughout the day whenever possible.

Pollo and Drew, Saturdays 12pm to 2pm
The Holy Smokes Radio Show

For many years I was deep into HiFi systems and collected vinyl records, but today I’m happier with a good source of music running through a decent system.

Streaming mp3 seems a long way down from listening to vinyl through a High-End system, almost like switching to a Quartz Casio from a Patek Chronograph. However, music is different, it really is the content and not the package. Every watch delivers the same “content”, i.e. time hence the “package” is all what it is about. Music is the opposite.

DJ Solitude, Mondays 8pm – 10pm
Next level Drum ‘n Base

In short, I love electronic music and its roots, so everything Soul, Funk and House. And I absolutely cannot listen to popular, Top40 music. It is difficult to define, but there is quality and there is all the rest like with everything in life. In today’s world getting more and more dominated by algorithms, most people revert to computer-controlled streaming services like Spotify.

But music is Art and computers do not understand Art. I prefer to leave this to human beings, DJs that are record collectors and often also music producers.

Davie G, Saturdays 8pm to 10pm
anything goes

Back in November 1994, a new radio station went on the airwaves, a pirate station of underground house and dance music with DJs having a show where they play they favourite and newest records.

ShawnyB Mondays 4:30pm to 7pm
The Groove Show
Mr. Nipsy, Fridays 8pm to 10pm
The Jelly Funk Sessions

Today, Point Blank FM is the longest running House and Dance music station in the UK, broadcasting on FM in Greater London and streaming live around the world with listeners on all continents.

The Station is still run by enthusiast, (almost) free of any commercials and keeps a high standard of music quality, away from the mainstream. In addition, PB always kept a good mix of new and old, Soul, Funk and all flavours of electronic music, House, Deep House, DnB, Liquid, Tech House.

Damian Charles, Thursdays 4pm to 6pm
Everything House new and old

Unfortunately, not all is good. Not being a commercial station has its challenges. Technical challenges with the stream and quite a few unfilled slots during the week that are filled with an archive playlist. But when there is a DJ in the studio, you always get a classy show.

Kenny Charles, Sundays 8pm to 10pm
House, Deep House

Therefore, do check them out and give them your support.

Web-based App to listen live on any device:

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